Randall mod. 1.

More modern leather work! Just finished up this classic sheath for a Randall mod. 1. Full grain veg tanned leather, waxed linen thread, brass hardware and pouch for whetstone.

Hope you like it!


Matching viking knives

Just finished up these matching viking knives for a customer in Gothenburg! One medium sized belt knife and one small fibula knife for his significant other!

Knife handles in 5500 year old Irish bog oak with wire wrap, bolsters and draw ring in brass. Sheath mounts in brass, step shaped filings with tinned copper plate underlay. All brass rivets. Full grain vegetable-tanned leather sheaths, cuir bouilli treated. One point suspensions with cast brass rings. Pattern welded blades in 60SGH/1060 from Kuźnia Berta.

Fibula knife total length 125 mm, blade length 50 mm.
Belt knife total length 220 mm, blade length 110 mm.

Hope you like them!


Large and small broken back seax

Finished up this matching set of knives for a customer!

My client wanted a matching set of a large and a smaller broken back seax with a hybrid of Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxons style sheath fittings. This is what I came up with.

Both knives have elm and elk horn handles with brass bolsters and draw rings. My customer provided the blades. The large seax is 480 mm long, blade 320 mm. Smaller seax is 245 mm long, blade 120 mm.

Cuir bouilli leather sheaths with horizontal brass mounts. Brass rivets. Simple incised cross hatch pattern.


Birka style seax.

Bog oak and horn handle. The horn is a piece of moose horn coronet from Arvidsjaur and the bok oak is from Gotska Sandön, a island in the Baltic Sea. Draw ring, brass rivets. Pattern welded blade in 60SGH/1060 from Kuźnia Berta. Total length 335 mm, blade length 200 mm.

The sheath is made from cuir bouilli treated full grain vegetable-tanned leather. Two point suspension with cast brass rings and strap mounts. Sheath mounts in brass, step shaped filings with tinned copper plate underlay. All brass rivets.

I hope you like it!


Viking fibula knife

Just finished up this small fibula knife for a special 9-year-old that saved up and ordered all by herself. Respect!

I tried to give her something to be proud of with some 5000 year old Irish bog oak handle with brass bolsters and draw ring. Deep red beeswax treated leather sheath with brass fittings. Step shaped filings with 830-silver underlay.

I hope that you like it as well!